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The world is introduced to Korea’s most embraced noodles.
‘Kooksoo(Noodles in Korean)’ or feast noodles is the most well-known cultural and long-established dish in Korea. As tradition has it, during a celebratory event, family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances are invited and served a bowl of noodles. Through this deep and meaningful custom, Korean noodle has come to symbolize “celebration” and “sharing,” and, especially, it exemplifies long life, due to its long length.

As rice can be paired and combined with an endless selection of sides, Korean noodle dishes can be prepared with any and all ingredients to create various tastes. In addition, the moderate use of oil, throughout the cooking process, results in a light and healthy plate and that is why Korean noodle has great potential to be loved in many cultures and all over the world.
Kooksoo is honored to introduce the pride of Korea with you and the rest of the world. We hope to be a joy in your long life.

Our name, Kooksoo

'Guksu (Kooksoo)’ in Korean refers to noodles and the first letter, K, is shared with the word Korea, indicating that our dish is very authentic. It contains our aspiration and vision to bring traditional Korean noodle cuisine and taste for all to experience.

Long Noodles, Long Life


The Korean noodles at Kooksoo are prepared by delicately stacking taste and flavor.

Pure white wheat noodles without any additives or preservatives are boiled and rinsed in cold clean water, and then the subtle yet savory broth made up from assorted ingredients that have simmered over a steady fire for 5 hours is added to the noodles.

The noodles are cooked to perfection so that they are soft yet pleasingly chewy, and served at a precise temperature with a harmonious balance of broth and noodles to delight your palate. 

Your appetite will be awakened by our spicy seasoning that is delightful in taste and as a colorful garnish, and the Bulgogi and seafood can complement any dish and make for a satisfying meal. 
We start with a base of broth and noodles, and paired with creativity, we can design an endless fare for all to enjoy. Kooksoo invites you to step in and share this adventure. 


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Eat to your heart's Content

No additives or preservatives

The noodles used at Kooksoo do not have any added ingredients. The dough is vacuum sealed which promotes firmness and density in addition to being given  adequate time for the dough to rise and ferment to produce smooth but chewy elastic noodles.

Fast slow food
At Kooksoo, you will not have to wait long for your food order. However, this does not mean the preparation is easy or quick. The broth simmers for over 5 hours and the flavors develop and mature with ample time. This is the classic Korean approach for healthy food.

Finest quality of ingredients
Kooksoo takes pride in the use of ingredients at premium condition. Gochujang (Korean fermented Chili Pate) and Doenjang (Korean fermented Soybean paste) are flown in directly from Korea and produce is acquired from a local farm to advocate and preserve freshness.

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